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Followed below is a couple examples of my free writes.


Topic: What is literature? – 9/15/18

To be frankly honest, I’ve always thought of literature to simply be reading or writing till this day. Of course, if you go more in depth to the topic, literature itself is a form of art and expressing yourself as well. But then you have an academic perspective where its more about learning to read/write in a more sophisticated and professional language so to say. I guess I was more exposed to this academic aspect specifically being how crucial it was in my education. I mean looking back at it, throughout middle/high school and even now in college, the overall purpose of even taking Literature was to strengthen these literary (reading/writing) skills.

Topic: Write about a book you sympathize/empathize for. – 8/28/18

The last book and probably one of my favorite books I read was “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the author’s name. I was given this book in junior year of high school. We were currently learning about different cultures/religions and this novel was a prime example of the Afghani/Islamic foundations. I myself am also from a very conservative/religious family (also Muslim) making it easy to relate to the protagonist. And so because of this, I had created this connection.